America’s fascination with Celebutards

With everything going on in this world and more importantly the malaise within our own borders, how have we as a nation become so fixated with the daily trials and tribulations of what is referred to as tv reality stars, or the better description I call celebutards.  I wish I could take credit for inventing that word but some fast thinking individual equally appalled with the fascination bestowed on no talent, designer clad, fat ass, fake boobed, intellectually challenged morons beat me to it.

The popularity of the Real Housewives series is proof that we are now in the midst of the dumbing down of America.  ‘Real’ Housewives of Orange County, New York City, New Jersey, Atlanta, Miami etc. is such an insult to the intelligence that it’s laughable.  Is there anything at all real about these people?  I can only hope that the majority of people who watch are laughing at them as opposed to wishing for that life that they want you to believe is real and somewhat normal.  The collective IQ of these women may approach the shoe size of a rather large basketball player.  Reading may be stretch for anything beyond gossip columns and Page Six of The New York Post.  What a role model they make for their children who might aspire to learn something beyond what designer is now ‘hot’ and who is passé.   Note to the husbands of these creatures………realize your mistake and get out while you still have some life left.

Why does anyone want to keep up with a Kardashian, let alone all three of them plus their mother?  Millions of dollars a year for too tight dresses, bad makeup, sham marriages and the occasional hissy fit seem to keep viewers spellbound almost every night on cable tv.  My real question about this tribe of melon butts is what happened to the Bruce Jenner I knew.  The decathlon champion of the 1976 Montreal Olympics married their mother and raised them to become what?  Bruce himself should have a reality show about plastic surgery gone bad.  A multimillion dollar wedding that lasted as long as a strike shortened basketball season became bigger news than the wedding itself.  Chris Humphries could be one of the dumbest men ever to lace up sneakers.  Sponsors throw money at these people and I’m left wondering why.  The clothes are so tight a split zipper could take someone’s eye out.  At least Bruce saved money on those college tuitions.  It’s a mystery how they worked their way into celebustardom but I guess it beats working a falafel stand on Sunset Boulevard.

Who would have thought that this high end ensemble would surpass the crotch baring antics of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.  Being drunk and disorderly with no talent is no longer enough to keep you in the papers.  The bar has been raised to being well dressed, on the trail of pro jocks as well as having no talent.  That Los Angeles is some cut throat town.  It seems like the State of California is more than just financially bankrupt.

I could touch upon shows like the Bachelorette or even the
Miss America Pageant, but I don’t mean to single out women in highlighting the stupidity that has captured our attention.  If the viewer’s weren’t interested, the networks wouldn’t broadcast it.  I must admit though, I do find it amusing when a beauty contestant is asked to spell c-a-t or name her state capital.  Rest assured, their goal in life is always the quest for world peace.

These people are not part of the 1% the masses complain about.  They are not part of the 20, 50, or 90 percent of our population.  They are a sideshow meant to entertain where only they think they have relevance in our universe.  Watching them as entertainment fuels their need for unending attention.  The real issues our country faces get sidetracked when this mindless dribble clouds the airways.  Don’t be thrown off by this crap when you should be paying more attention to our upcoming elections and the leaders who will pave our way over the next four years.  I guarantee you the above mentioned people have little knowledge and less interest about who is running and what they stand for.  Show the world we are smarter than they give us credit for.  Watch what really matters sometimes.  Read a paper, watch the news and vote.  The celebutards won’t be going away anytime soon.

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