BlackBerry Balance: Work and Play on the Same Smartphone

Bill Gerneglia

Just how many mobile devices does the average person carry today in order to effectively perform their job and conduct their personal activities online? The number seems to continually increase.  Workers today require collaborative tools to be fully engaged and productive from various remote office locations. How can IT managers stop this growing trend of device creep? Worker mobility can really get heavy if this trend continues.


The lines between work and personal activities continue to overlap. IT departments are under increasing pressure to support personal mobile devices in a highly secure and manageable way. Now BlackBerry Balance technology enables a single BlackBerry smartphone to be used for both work and personal purposes. 


By keeping business information secure and separate from personal information, users can enjoy consumer-oriented features for the fullest BlackBerry experience possible. It is the best of work and play on one device.


As the IT department manager you have lived with the complaints from employees having to carry two smartphones. Additionally, you are continually challenged with having to secure your corporate data assets residing on employee smartphones. Now both employees and IT Managers have a reason to celebrate.


With the recent release of Blackberry Balance IT managers can increase employee job satisfaction by supporting employee-owned smartphones. The IT department can offer greater BlackBerry smartphone choice flexibility to your workforce while retaining full control over business data security. They can even permit the use of personal apps while restricting copy-and-paste functionality to prevent business information from being shared.


Some of the Key Features of BlackBerry Balance Include:

1. Keep personal information separate and business information highly secure by allowing access to the personal BlackBerry device while it's enterprise-locked.

2. Restrict employees from accessing enterprise data through social networking applications, and prevent copying and pasting from an enterprise application to a personal application.

3. Remotely wipe business information from BlackBerry devices while leaving personal information intact.

4. Minimal user training is required as visual notifications on the BlackBerry smartphone alert users when they take actions that conflict with established IT policies.

5. BlackBerry Balance technology works with your existing BlackBerry® Enterprise Server v5.0.3 and BlackBerry® Mobile Fusion infrastructure, so there's little or no need to add to your existing architecture.

6. Support more members of your organization with the ability to segregate and control personal versus corporate-liable users. 


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